Thank you from your winner Jess

jessbean-wI’d like to say a massive thank you to all the students and schools involved in this year’s ‘I’m A Scientist … Get Me Out Of Here’, especially the students in the Indium Zone! Also thanks to all the organisers for all their hard work keeping everything up and running. It has been such an enjoyable experience, and it’s been so much fun to chat to students about such a broad range of science subjects! I got so many interesting questions both about my work and completely new subjects that I had never learnt about before! Those live chats were pretty hectic but really good and we got some good discussions going (even one about the meaning of life!).

It’s really exciting to know that young people are still interested in science and it’s great that things like this can help more people enjoy and get into science. I have loved science all my life and I want to spread the word! This is one of the first STEM/Public Engagement things I have got involved in and I am so happy I was told about it! I definitely have the bug now. Although I am a chemist technically I think it’s important to know for students that science (especially now) is not just one subject but loads of different things – I use microbiology, medicine and maths all the time!

My plan for the money has changed slightly over the past two weeks. As I have talked to students I have had a better idea of how the money can best be spent. At the moment I’d like to donate the money to a charity that promotes science in schools in the South-West, so that more people can talk to scientists face-to-face!

Thanks again to everyone that made the ‘I’m A Scientist’ 2 weeks so successful. Hopefully you all are now a little bit more clued in to what makes us scientists tick.


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